Artis Turba ICO Starts 15 January & Ends 26 February 2018

30% Bonus Now Live until 12 February



Accepted Currency: ETHEREUM

Minimum Contribution: 0.01 ETH

Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH

The ARTIS crowdsale is scheduled to start on 15th of January 2018 and end on 26th of February 2018 or when the hard cap of 50,000 ETH is reached, whichever comes first. ARTIS distributions is scheduled to occur on a weekly basis, being on Mondays after 12:00pm UTC. Unallocated ARTIS will be kept as reserve by Artis Turba for liquidity purposes being directed towards building a multi currency app.

• 150 Million (43%) ARTIS available for the ICO
• 50 Million (14%) ARTIS reserved for Bounty
• 35 Million (10%) ARTIS allocated to Founders
• 15 Million (4%) ARTIS allocated to Contributors
• 100 Million (29%) ARTIS allocated during the Initial ICO

Artis Turba will then approach all the major exchanges including Bittrex, Bithumb, HitBTC, Cryptopia, LiveCoin, Liqui and Poloniex to apply for the successful listing of ARTIS. Participants will then be able to trade their ARTIS on these exchanges as well as the Artis Turba platform once it goes live in July 2018.

All funds raised will be directed towards the successful development of the Artis Turba smart phone and web based applications.


ICO Bounty Structure

WeekBonusExchange RateEffective Date
Week 1 & 250%1ETH = 3,000 ARTIS15 January 2018 to 29 January 2018
Week 3 & 430%1ETH = 2,600 ARTIS29 January 2018 to 12 February 2018
Week 510%1ETH = 2,200 ARTIS12 February 2018 to 19 February 2018
Week 60%1ETH = 2,000 ARTIS19 February 2018 to 26 February 2018



ARTIS is built on the Ethereum ERC20 standard, and can be freely stored in any secure wallet with private keys such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, Jaxx, Exodus, Metamask, Ledger Nano S or Trezor.

To add ARTIS in your MyEtherWallet as a Custom Token;
Token Contract Address = 0x082e13494f12ebb7206fbf67e22a6e1975a1a669
Token Symbol = ARTIS
Decimals = 8

350 Million ARTIS was created in November 2017 and no more will ever be created!!

View ARTIS on the Ethereum blockchain

ARTIS Affiliate Rewards Program (AARP)

Artis Turba is excited to announce the ARTIS Affiliate Rewards Program (AARP). The AARP grants holders of ARTIS the right to share in the Artis Turba revenue stream generated by operating its trading platform. Each ARTIS holder will receive an even distribution of 50% of the revenue generated from the trading platform, allocated according to ARTIS holdings. Artis Turba hereby aims to create a sustainable revenue stream for ARTIS holders by way of the AARP and ensure growth in the value of ARTIS as trading increase.

Transaction costs are levied on each trade and in the respective currency of each pair, the transaction cost are split 50% to Artis Turba for operational cost and 50% to ARTIS holders as reward. The rewards due to ARTIS holders are credited to their Artis Turba wallets for each respective currency.

Ultimately ARTIS will be used to settle trades between different currencies on the Artis Turba trading platform as transaction cost.
Forward together!


Artis Turba derived from Latin meaning skilled crowd is a cryptocurrency trading platform for the blockchain era that will simplify trading of all the leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and trading volume and allow everyone with a smartphone to trade on a clean and intuitive and thus user friendly interface. The user interface layers over the technical data and analysis to continuously generate buy, sell and hold signals, allowing anyone without the technical knowledge to successfully trade cryptocurrencies by leveraging the technical backend.



Interest in and enthusiasm about cryptocurrencies exploded in 2017 after above average growth lead to cryptocurrency prices reaching record highs. As at 13 November 2017 coinmarketcap.com listed the total number of cryptocurrencies at 1278, with a combined market capitalization in excess of $204 Billion and average daily trading volumes of $16 Billion. During 2016 a total of 46 ICO’s was launched that raised $96 million and this increased to 202 ICO’s during middle 2017 that raised over $3 Billion. These trends are set to increase as cryptocurrencies are getting more news coverage and that coverage is increasing, at the same time individuals, businesses and organizations move to adopt the use of cryptocurrencies and this offers numerous opportunities.



Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming an alternative to conventional market trading creating opportunities for the average person without trading experience. Not only do new users lack knowledge of where to start with cryptocurrencies, the current cryptocurrency trading platforms are very technical with cluttered screens and an overload of information that the average person with no technical experience find cumbersome to use. Additionally the current trading fees are high, making it unfeasible for smaller transactions.



Artis Turba will change that and believe that we can let our users capitalize on market trends from which the backend performs data analysis to generate buy, sell and hold signals for our users. Reliable strategies have been developed for trading of financial instruments that identify the current market trend and that give timeous notification of trend changes. The opportunity is now presented to apply these strategies to the trading of cryptocurrencies in an uncluttered, intuitive and user friendly application so that the average person knows when to buy, sell or hold a cryptocurrency. This and lower trading fees will make it easy and feasible for users to enter the cryptocurrency market and to trade with cryptocurrencies.



To make it easy and feasible for the average person with no experience to enter the cryptocurrency market and to introduce cryptocurrency trading to the average person by simplifying the user interface. The user interface overlays the technical data imported from internal and independent sources to perform technical analysis that ultimately lead to buy, sell and hold signals. We believe that this will make it easy for everyone with a smart phone to confidently trade Artis Turba along with the leading cryptocurrencies.



Currently it is estimated that between 3 – 7 million people of the world’s population is actively invested in cryptocurrencies. Taking into consideration the current growth rate of cryptocurrencies it is inevitable that the remaining part of the population will soon start participating in this market. Artis Turba want to ensure it actively engages with these new users to make accessing cryptocurrencies and trading cryptocurrencies as easy, feasible and intuitive as possible.



Free to use web-based applications as well as iOS and Android Apps. These securitized platforms will allow the user to safely store and trade all of the listed cryptocurrencies, and what is best, will give signals based on our proprietary trading algorithm that generates buy & sell signals, that will alert you when any strong bullish or bearish movements start taking shape, and instead of holding on to losing value, you can keep with the winners and watch your crypto balances grow!



Artis Turba’s team consists of a group of dedicated individuals with a combined experience in excess of 85 years. Our development team’s experience includes web and mobile application development including a Forex Trading platform, Online Payroll application and various other financial applications.

Our Head of Development received his BSc degree at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and started working in the financial markets and completed the South African equivalent of the “series 7” he later went on to join an international private hedge fund where he would head the foreign exchange department. His speciality is creating algorithms that analyse data from the trade history and order book over time to predict trends and the cycles of trends in the forex market.

Our Head Advisor has been part of various international web and mobile application developments liaising with international development teams working on a wide range of platforms, his speciality is simplifying UI’s making it intuitive, his experience span over 17 years and has access to various external consultants and development teams.

The web development team’s experience includes HTML5, PHP, Mysql, Apache, SOAP, XMLRPC, Java, C++, C#, CMS, application architecture and network architecture. The team has extensive knowledge of two-tier and three-tier architecture and distributed object frameworks and legacy connectivity.




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