Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H Volume
ARTIS/ZAR ZAR 0.05 +0.00 94.00000000
BTC/ZAR ZAR 52,995.00 +9.04 0.62760000
ETH/ZAR ZAR 1,380.00 +9.09 14.88600000
DGB/ZAR ZAR 0.15 +12.56 34135.00000000
TRX/ZAR ZAR 0.21 +7.90 760.00000000
XRP/ZAR ZAR 4.80 +9.09 652.00000000
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H Volume
ARTIS/BTC BTC 0.00000085 +100.00 0.00000000
ETH/BTC BTC 0.02657000 +1.12 179.18490000
DGB/BTC BTC 0.00000293 +11.41 8224.00000000
TRX/BTC BTC 0.00000406 +0.50 1400.00000000
ETN/BTC BTC 0.00000290 +49.48 22254.00000000
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H Volume
ARTIS/ETH ETH 0.00003285 +100.00 0.00000000
DGB/ETH ETH 0.00010900 +9.33 1608.00000000
TRX/ETH ETH 0.00015270 +0.00 900.00000000
ETN/ETH ETH 0.00007345 +0.01 14981.00000000
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change 24H Volume
ARTIS/XRP XRP 0.00939800 +100.00 0.00000000
BTC/XRP XRP 10,800.00000000 -4.91 0.03048900
ETH/XRP XRP 281.00000000 -4.98 2.25000000
TRX/XRP XRP 0.04275000 -5.26 4086.00000000

Benefits of Artis Turba

Multi Crypto Platform

Blockchain is a true peer-to-peer network that will reduce reliance on several types of third-party intermediaries such as banks, lawyers and brokers.

Fast Withdrawal Process

Digital Currency withdrawals are processed continually on the blockchain and fiat withdrawals are processed daily on business days.

Intuitive Platform

We have worked hard to make the trading of Cryptos and Fiat as intuitive as possible.

Instant KYC

KYC submissions are reviewed continually and within 48 hours of submission. 


We have implemented a range of security measures to ensure your peace of mind when trading on Artis Turba.

Earn with AARP

ARTIS holders are entitled to a pro-rata share of 50% of the trading fee revenue generated on Artis Turba.

Get complete control over your digital currency

The next generation digital asset platform built for individuals, traders and investors. Buy, sell, and store Crypto with superior trading features, security, and regulatory oversight.


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