Introducing Artis Turba

Artis Turba derived from Latin meaning skilled crowd is a cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform for the blockchain era that simplifies asset management and trading of all the leading cryptocurrencies and allow everyone to send, receive and trade on a clean and intuitive and thus user friendly interface. The user interface layers over the technical data and analysis to continuously generate buy, sell and hold signals, allowing anyone without the technical knowledge to successfully trade cryptocurrencies by leveraging the technical backend.

ARTIS Affiliate Rewards Program (AARP)

The ARTIS Affiliate Rewards Program (AARP) grants holders of ARTIS the right to share in the Artis Turba revenue stream generated by operating its trading platform. Each ARTIS holder will receive an even distribution of 50% of the revenue generated from the trading platform, allocated pro rata to the ARTIS they hold. Artis Turba hereby aims to create a sustainable revenue stream for ARTIS holders by way of the AARP and ensure growth in the value of ARTIS as trading volume increase on the platform.


The total supply of ARTIS is equal to 350 Million units and no more will ever be created. ARTIS is built on the Ethereum ERC20 standard, and it is recommended to be stored in your Artis Turba Wallet. To create your Wallet head on over to the register page to create your Wallet now.

To view ARTIS on the Ethereum blockchain visit the below link;

To add ARTIS as a Custom Token with other wallet providers;
Token Contract Address = 0x082e13494f12ebb7206fbf67e22a6e1975a1a669
Token Symbol = ARTIS
Decimals = 8