05Jul 2019

Electroneum Wallets MaintenanceBy Artis Turba

Urgent @electroneum Notice: Artis Turba Exchange will put #ETN in maintenance mode from; 15:00 SAST Friday 5 July 19 to 15:00 SAST Tuesday 9 July 19 To allow for the Electroneum Code Update.

Please do not deposit ETN during this time as funds will be lost.

05Jul 2019

Binance Coin Trading to go live on 15th of July 2019By Artis Turba

Another first! South Africans can now buy @binance Coin with $ZAR Artis Turba is excited to welcome BNB to South Africa. The following pairs will go live on 15 July 2019 only at


24Jun 2019

ETN Smartphone Promotion Winners AnnouncedBy Artis Turba

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the Electroneum M1 Smartphones. Artis Turba chat names Drppls, Foxy and Wernvos has won and we will contact you directly to arrange delivery.


03Jun 2019

Artis Turba Electroneum M1 Smartphone PromotionBy Artis Turba

Artis Turba will give away 3 Electroneum M1 Smartphones in June 2019.

To qualify for the give away all you need to do is buy some ETN at Artis Turba. There is no minimum or maximum and each transaction will qualify the community member for the give away. The winners will be announced shortly after the 21st of June.

03Jun 2019

Artis Turba XRP promotionBy Artis Turba

Artis Turba will give away an extra 10% on all XRP purchases until the 7th of June 2019.

To qualify for the give away all you need to do is buy some XRP at Artis Turba. There is no minimum or maximum and each transaction will qualify the community member for the give away.

03Jun 2019

Artis Turba BitTorrent PromotionBy Artis Turba

Artis Turba will distribute 3x the BitTorrent airdrop amount over the months of June | July | August 2019.

To qualify for the distribution all you need to do is hold TRX at Artis Turba. The minimum to qualify is 1.00 TRX with no maximum. BitTorrent airdrops are scheduled for the 11th of each month.

02May 2019

Security UpdateBy Artis Turba

On 30 April 2019 16:16 SAST Artis Turba’s security team was notified by our internal security notification system of abnormal failed login attempts from the same IP range. This security team immediately followed the Security Policies and Procedure Checklist to avoid a security breach.


Artis Turba can confirm;


1. No funds were lost and all funds are secure

2. The website was placed in maintenance mode

3. Audits were done on the last 14 days, comparing snapshots of users balances and movement reports and no unauthorized internal movement of funds occurred

4. Artis Turba believe a database of user account information from another source was used in an attempt to access Artis Turba user accounts, from the failed login attempts we can confirm only a small percentage of email addresses belonged to Artis Turba users

5. Only four Artis Turba user accounts were accessed, no funds were deposited, withdrawn or traded from these accounts (these users will be contacted by Artis Turba)

6. Artis Turba has now further enhanced our internal security detection and notification system for logins to avoid re-occurrence of the same attack in future

7. Artis Turba will add an extra security layer to the user withdrawal process

8. Artis Turba will make the website live 2 May 2019 08:00 UTC, the withdrawal function would be disabled as a security measure to allow users to first change their passwords and enable Google Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


What you need to do;

1. Immediately change your Artis Turba password, do not use the same password that you have use at other online services, social media sites, exchanges, etc.

2. Immediately enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

3. Artis Turba recommend storing of digital assets in offline wallets if not used for trading

Artis Turba is committed to provide a safe and secure environment for our users and their funds, we follow the recommended guidelines by the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) and have implemented the latest and most advance security measures to ensure we keep ahead of the constant attack on cryptocurrency service providers.

If you have any questions relating to security and want to know what you can do to remain safe, send us an email to and we would be happy to assist.